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Locally owned and trusted for over 50 years, we are the leader in roofing for Pendleton, OR, and surrounding areas. We have been voted the #1 roofer in Pendleton three years running for our top-quality workmanship and unbeatable customer service experience.

From our experienced team of professionals to outstanding attention to detail, we have what it takes to make your project a success. Our team expertly handles every need, whether it’s for your home or business, covering new roofs, fixes, swaps to check-ups and upkeep—basically the whole nine yards. Don’t risk your most important investment. Call us today and experience our incredible guarantee!

Our Roofing Services

With over 50 years of experience in the Pendleton area, our team has seen it all when it comes to residential and commercial roofing needs. We provide complete solutions, superior workmanship and 5-star service on every project.

Residential Roofing

Our residential services include:

New Roof Installation Our professional installers are trained to meet or exceed manufacturer requirements. We offer several differnt material options from asphalt shingles to metal and tile.

Roof Replacements We remove old roofs safely and dispose debris properly. New roof installations come with a 10-year workmanship warranty.

Roof Repairs Missing shingles? Leaks? Other damage? We have the experience to diagnose issues and make all necessary fixes.

Roof Inspections Let our specialists inspect your roof, provide maintenance tips and evaluate if any repairs or replacements needed.

Commercial Roofing

We provide specialized commercial services:

New Commercial Roofing Proper installation of durable EPDM, TPO and other commercial-grade materials.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Regular maintenance maximizes lifespan. Bi-annual inspections ensure healthy roofs.

Commercial Roof Repair We fix all commercial roofing problems – from minor repairs to full replacements.

Commercial Roof Inspections In-depth inspections by experienced technicians inform maintenance plans.

Our entire approach from clear communication to clean work sites aims to deliver 5-star service. Contact us today for pricing and to schedule your residential or commercial project!

Roofing Materials Offered

We offer a wide range of materials to suit any residential or commercial project. Our experts can advise you on the best options given your location, architecture, budget and goals.

Asphalt Shingles

The most common roofing material. Asphalt shingles are affordable, come in various colors/styles and last 20-30 years. We offer 3-tab or architectural shingles for durability and dimension. They enhance curb appeal when it’s time to reroof.

  • Affordable
  • Many style options
  • 20-30 year lifespan


For longer lifespans, metal roofs are nearly indestructible. Available in vertical panel and tile profiles, metal withstands weather while adding modern style. They can last over 50 years.

We offer steel, aluminum and copper options.

  • Extreme weather resistance
  • Fire resistant
  • Over 50 year lifespan


Clay and concrete tiles lend a Mediterranean finish. Tile  offers incredible durability and fire resistance, lasting 50-100 years, sometimes more! Tile comes in an array of shapes, textures and colors. We handle tile roof installations and replacements.

  • Very long-lasting (50-100 years)
  • Fire and heat resistant
  • Aesthetically striking


Slate delivers old-world elegance, incredible durability and natural fire resistance. Quarried slate lasts over 100 years when properly installed and cared for. We are certified slate roofers.

  • 100+ year lifespan
  • Complements variety of architecture styles
  • Natural fire resistance
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Why Choose Us?

When it comes to your biggest investment, your home, trust only the best. Here’s why you should choose us:

Quality Craftsmanship and Materials

With over 50 years of experience under our toolbelts, we are roofing experts using only the best techniques and materials on every job. We thoroughly inspect each roof to recommend customized solutions that balance aesthetics, performance and budget.

5-Star Service

For us, the job doesn’t end when the last shingle is laid. Our dedication to customer service means we are here for you long after an install with maintenance tips, warranties and support. We won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied!

Safety and Preparedness

From home interiors to outdoor work sites, protecting people and property is paramount for us. We take extensive precautions and safety protocols on every project, so you can have peace of mind.

Trust and Reliability

With roots planted firmly in Pendleton for over five decades, we have a proven reputation you can bank on. Let our awards, reviews and testimonials give you the confidence to choose us for all your roofing needs!

Contact us today for a complimentary roof evaluation from trusted local experts who set the bar in Pendleton roofing year after year.

Types of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles

3-Tab Asphalt Shingles

Our 3-tab asphalt shingles provide a versatile, affordable option for residential re-roofing. These shingles feature three tabs cut into their design to mimic a three-dimensional appearance when installed in overlapping rows. With these tabs, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the shingles lined up just right and dodge those pesky placement mistakes. Our 3-tab shingles are available in popular classic colors like black, brown, and grey. They come with a 20-30 year manufacturer’s warranty. Architectural shingles outlast these, but if you’re watching your wallet, they’re a smart pick. We recommend them for ranch style homes or basic roofing needs.

Architectural (Dimensional) Shingles

For residential clients wanting enhanced aesthetics and longevity from asphalt shingles, we offer architectural shingles. Also called dimensional or laminate shingles, they consist of two or more layers fused together for added durability and depth of color. Architectural shingles mimic the textured look of natural wood shake or slate roofs with their rugged, chunky profile. They come in a wide palette of earthy hues like weathered wood, slate grey and autumn brown to complement most housing aesthetics. We provide a 30-50 year manufacturer’s warranty on these shingles, making them a sound investment. If you desire extra protection without breaking the bank, architectural shingles are an ideal choice.

Premium (Luxury) Shingles

Our premium luxury shingles represent the gold standard in asphalt shingles. Constructed from the highest grade materials using dynamic color blending technologies, luxury shingles capture the sophisticated essence of natural slate or cedar shake. They incorporate layered dimensions and shadows along with nuanced color variations to emulate the depth and movement of genuine wood or slate. We offer luxury shingles from leading brands like Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration MAX and GAF Grand Sequoia IR that come with a 50+ year warranty. For homeowners seeking superb aesthetics and the utmost quality, our luxury shingles deliver lasting beauty and protection.

Different Types of Metal Roofing

Industrial Roofing


Steel is the most common and cost-effective metal roofing material. We utilize high-quality galvanized and Galvalume steel containing protective zinc and aluminum coatings to prevent rust and corrosion. Durable steel roofing comes in long-lasting vertical panels or decorative shingles matching common residential styles. Custom premixed colors like brick red, slate grey and evergreen mimic other materials like asphalt shingles. We recommend steel for both homes and commercial buildings. With proper installation, a steel roof can last over 50 years!

Aluminum Metal 

For coastal climates with high salt exposure putting roofs at risk, aluminum is the ideal metal solution with inherent corrosion resistance. Since we aren’t anywhere near the coast we don’t get asked for this very often, but, we do offer aluminum in user-friendly 5V-Crimp panels with concealed fastening and a sleek facade. An aluminum roof only weighs about 40-50 lbs per 100 sq ft, meaning extra roof framing is rarely needed. Our aluminum metal comes in grays, bronze and cool Tahoe blues complementing modern West Coast architecture. For durable yet lightweight metal roofing that withstands oceanfront elements, aluminum is the smart way to go.

Copper Metal 

Copper delivers sophisticated beauty unrivaled by other metals. Over decades, copper develops a distinct verdigris patina prized for its dynamic contrasts. We offer pure 16 oz copper roofing along with copper-coated steel for cost savings with a copper aesthetic. Available in standing seam panels, half-round tiles, and diamond-shaped shakes, copper imparts luxury while being extraordinarily hardy and recyclable. Copper roofing lasts over 100 years! For exceptional architecture demanding a metal roof of the highest caliber, copper is in a class of its own.

Zinc Metal 

Zinc delivers strengths similar to copper – natural patina development, corrosion resistance and remarkable longevity. We work with premium grade titanium-zinc alloy coated steel. This combines the economics of steel with the performance of zinc metal. Zinc roofing comes in elegant standing seam profiles along with ornamental shingles for upscale aesthetics. Compared to copper, a zinc roof costs less while mimicking its aged, elegant appeal. For exceptional architecture on a budget, zinc is an optimal metal roofing choice lasting 80+ years.

Stainless Steel 

When structural reliability and resilience matter most, stainless steel metal roofing brings unmatched strength. We offer 300 series stainless steel containing chromium to prevent staining, pitting and rust. With its bright, mirror-like appearance, stainless steel offers a contemporary architectural facade. But stainless steel also endures decades of exposure to salt, industrial pollution and moisture with little impact on its integrity or looks. Stainless steel costs more upfront but necessitates less lifetime maintenance. For commercial buildings like factories and marine sites, stainless steel is the ultimate metal roofing solution.

Metal Roofing Styles

Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal

Standing seam represents the most streamlined and modern metal profile. It consists of interlocking metal panels running vertically from roof ridge to edge. The raised seams where panels join shield fasteners from weather while allowing expansion/contraction. Our on-site roll former creates sturdy steel panels in eye-catching finishes like copper, zinc and matte black. Standing seam metal comes in long lengths reducing seams where leaks could occur. The sleek aesthetic complements contemporary home designs. Properly fastened, a standing seam metal roof withstands extreme winds up to 140 mph! When contemporary design meets sturdy construction, a standing seam metal roof delivers.

Metal Shingles

For traditional architectural styles, metal shingles bridge the aesthetic gap between asphalt shingles and metal durability. Our metal shingles resemble classic three-tab or dimensional asphalt shingles with added detailing. Constructed from stone-coated steel, aluminum or copper, our metal shingles are extraordinarily impact-resistant. Exposure-tested colors plus innovative molding ensure metal shingles harmonize with existing color schemes and textures. With a lifespan over 60 years, they provide long-lasting performance while matching favored home aesthetics. Our metal shingles create a classic roofscape protecting what’s below for decades to come.

Tile Metal

Metal tiles import Mediterranean beauty to west coast designs where tile was previously unsuitable. Mimicking the look of clay or concrete, our lightweight steel, zinc, and copper metal tile roofing installs without roof reinforcement. Interlocking panels create graceful undulating roof lines accentuated by rich colors and textures. Unlike brittle concrete tiles, our metal tile withstands extreme hail, wind, and snow loads. Advanced paint technology provides colors like Spanish red, Tuscan clay and aged slate to reflect sunlight decreasing cooling costs too. Bring a touch of Tuscany to your Pendleton area home with our elegant and eco-friendly metal tile.

Corrugated Metal

The rippled facade of corrugated metal delivers industrial strength with rustic aesthetics. We offer corrugated steel painted in bold primary reds and blues for maximum visual impact. The angled panel construction enhances durability, allowing roof expansion contraction and making corrugated metal extremely water resistant. Corrugated metal sheets come in affordable, easy-to-install standard sizes; ideal for patio covers, sheds, and outbuildings needing quick roofovers. Recently, architects have used corrugated metal roofing on spectacular residential homes to showcase an interior or evoke an earthy, recycling chic vibe.

Types of Tile Roofing

Roofing Tile Colors

Clay Tile

Clay remains the quintessential roofing tile material, imparting Mediterranean beauty to homes for centuries thanks to its charm, longevity and eco-friendly qualities. Our clay tiles come kiln-fired from natural terra cotta clay in rich warm hues of brick red, Tuscan yellow and sunset orange. Styles like our gracefully curved mission tiles, romantic French tiles and exotic Chinese tiles imbue homes with old-world character. As masters of tile roof installation, we create stunning rooflines showcasing the artistry of clay tiles. Clay tiles can last over 100 years when properly installed. For homeowners seeking the ultimate in beauty, sustainability and charm, clay tiles bring a touch of Provence that doesn’t fade with time.

Concrete Tile

Concrete roof tiles combine durability with design flexibility and affordable pricing. We offer concrete tiles in diverse profiles from wavy Mediterraneans to intricate New England slate replicas. Concrete tiles come colored throughout, not just surface coated, ensuring they maintain their vivid hues long-term. The color and texture options make concrete tiles ideal for matching or complementing surrounding roofs. Concrete tile roofs also withstand extreme hail, wind and rain once correctly installed. Weighing about 850-1000 lbs per square, we ensure appropriate structural reinforcement is in place. While concrete tile roofs require some periodic upkeep, their quality endures for 50+ years outlasting traditional asphalt shingles. For beautiful, eco-friendly roofing on a budget, concrete tiles deliver curb appeal that goes the distance.

Synthetic Tile

For tile performance without the heft, weight or fragility of clay and concrete, synthetic or composite tiles offer 21st century innovation combined with old world aesthetics. Our rubber and plastic composite tiles realistically emulate wood shake, clay Spanish tiles, slate and more. Yet high-grade polymers make them durable beyond what nature can produce. Our cool roof-rated synthetic tiles reflect sunlight reducing indoor temperatures. Integrated air channels on the back improve ventilation. At approximately 2 lbs per square foot, almost no additional roof support is needed. Custom matching ensures your architectural vision comes alive. Synthetic tile comes with a 50-year warranty – twice that of asphalt shingles! Blend realistic elegance with modern resilience using our synthetic tile roofing.

Slate Roofing

Slate Roofing Tiles

For centuries, slate has protected stately mansions and prestigious buildings across Europe and North America while lending them natural beauty and charm. We continue this tradition by providing the highest-grade slate roofing tailored precisely to your home.

Our premium slate originates from select quarries across the U.S. and Canada chosen due to their durability, color hues and vein patterns. We use minimum 3/8” thick slate for a projected lifespan of 100-150 years. Choose from gray, black, purple, unfading green and classic red-purple mottling. Every piece of slate brings intricate earth tones and textural depth.

We offer slate tiles in decorative formats like graduating courses down to the roofline and textural mixes combining varied slate sizes and shapes. Or select uniform coursing for a crisp, clean appearance. Regardless of the aesthetic, slate imparts sophistication and quality backed by over five generations of protection.

From historic restorations to contemporary designs, slate adds an elevated dimension. The natural stone insulates against weather while gaining charm as rain and sun polish each tile over time. Slate’s longevity comes with a higher cost but pays dividends when enhancing architecture for decades on end with little upkeep required. For exceptional homes that connect today with enduring craftsmanship, slate stands alone.

Service Areas

We proudly serve residential and commercial clients throughout Pendleton, Oregon, and surrounding areas. Our team of qualified roofing technicians and installers provide exceptional craftsmanship and customer care to homeowners and business owners in:






Pilot Rock


We are the trusted partners focused within a 50-mile radius of Pendleton. So whether you need roof maintenance in Hermiston, a new commercial roof in Umatilla, or residential re-roofing in Adams – we have you covered!

Our locally based business has built lasting relationships across Umatilla County since 1969 through word-of-mouth referrals thanks to the expertise, reliability, and five-star service. We look forward to becoming your roofing contractors of choice!  Also, check out my brothers websites: roofing company in Waco and Perth roof repair

Unsure if your area is within our service range? Contact us to find out! We are happy to travel to inspect your roof or provide referrals to trusted industry partners if we cannot directly service you. Don’t wait to enhance your curb appeal, boost energy efficiency, or stop preventable leaks. Call today to discuss residential or commercial roofing solutions from the team you know and trust!

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